Mubasher Data Center - Registered in Egypt / VAT Number ( 557-563-127 )

18 years experience on website hosting

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Our values

Believing in the human capabilities as the main endeavor for any organization success, the company is founded by a selective group of IT engineers, who gain their experience through a combination of continuous learning and studying within the academic field, as well through big projects of governmental entities. From the same perception, Mubasher® keeps on the same track while hiring its technical and administrative staff. We can - proudly - say that our team is a selective group, each in his / her specialty. .


Providing our clients the best Hosting Services.. To support our clients with advanced integrated solutions which are custom-designed to suit their needs with premium quality and unique care in order to enhance their ability to achieve their goals.

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Our Strategy

At Mubasher DataCenters, We have a clearly defined strategy focusing on our channel business which means we are adding new products and services to solve a broadening array of challenges presented by our Partners. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help Partners continuously achieve success and profit.

Customer Focus

All Mubasher DataCenters products are backed up by a world-class customer service with team members who deeply believe in the philosophy of putting the customers’ needs first. Wherever or whoever you are, we will guarantee our prompt, friendly and professional service to make sure you find the solution that suits you the most Business Model.

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What our clients are saying?

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